Bugout.dev - A Community of Creators by Creators for Creators

I discovered technology from a damaged background. My childhood was spent in a professional ballet school where teachers didn’t care much about their students’ confidence.

“You are a fat idiot who won’t achieve anything in life” was a typical phrase my teachers would tell me, regularly. 

It’s not that they were terrible people. They were just raised with the mentality of humiliation and believed in tough love. 

They didn’t know any other “working” approach to promote student accomplishment.

That’s probably why very often in my life I have felt like a black sheep and dreamt about building a community where people are kind to each other and help each other.

Over the course of my life, I have come to realize that if a person is happy, resourceful, and generally in a good place, they inherently want to share their happiness with others. They are giving, naturally.

On the other hand, if someone is miserable, angry and aggressive, and blames others for their problems, they adopt an attitude of “taking.” They aren’t capable of sharing love and positivity. They only take a position of ‘victimhood.’

That’s why I have always wanted to create a community where everyone will be happy, successful and be naturally willing to share and spread positivity.

My co-founder, Neeraj, and I started Bugout.dev with this inspiration as a driving force towards a genuinely unique product that can help developers.

We want to create a community where people help each other to succeed and share whatever knowledge and experience they can.

We want the entire Bugout community to know that they are loved, appreciated, and supported. The more we are available to each other, the more opportunities we can create together!